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Artreforms is a Dutch company established in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

We are a Dutch company that sells canvas oil paintings and art. Our international customers consist of wholesalers, retailers, decoration shops, hotels, practices, offices and galleries. But we also provide the opportunity to buy small quantities to individuals. If you want decoration for your estates on top of a good price for them then you have entered the right place! We collaborate with young starting artists that have lengthy academic experience. The paintings are made in large quantities, so they are not unique; nevertheless they are all crafted by hand on different sizes of canvas. That is one of the reasons why we can offer the products for these incredible prices.

Our paintings are in three different quality groups:

  • Commercial Quality
  • Medium Quality
  • High Quality

On top of that we also paint by order, for instance portraits. For this purpose, we require only a nice, clear picture which will be painted on canvas by our artists. The order painting can also be maid in the three different qualities. In fact, it is our belief that we can provide art to anyone at the best possible price. If you are a company or a wholesaler and are looking for large (+500) quantities, please send us an email with size, quantity and quality and we will make an offer. If you have a question, do not hesitate to email us: We will answer your questions and provide you with feedback as soon as possible.

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Simone de Beauvoirstraat 9
6843 TC Arnhem
The Netherlands

Tel: +31(0)624976443
Tel: +31(0)650603934


Kvknummer: 09144801


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